Hello Shaw Family!
We are blessed to have one of Bos and Lizzy's pups from the Feb. 29, 2008 litter. Duke has been quite a joy and
handful. As you might remember, Wendy, when Brandt and I came to choose a pup, Duke was the one we were
scared of at first because he was pulling on your shoelaces. But, he was the only one who would come up to us,
licked my face, which then melted our hearts.
Duke is happy, healthy and handsome. I remember going to the vet for the check up the first 48 hours after we
brought him home and our vet was very pleased with the health of the 8 week old.

Brandt and I thoroughly enjoy Duke in our life. He is very affectionate and funny. He has a very strong jaw and has
demolished almost every toy that is in the pet store. He loves playing "catch" and is very good at it. Some of his
favorite words are "cookie", "ride", and of course "food". He definitely is a lab that likes to be where you are at all
times, sits on you, literally (on December 1st he weighed in at 74 solid pounds) and loves to meet new people and
I read the book "Marley and Me" and the dog Marley reminds me a lot of Duke. Labs are certainly very loyal to their
master(s) and a great companion. But as you know can be a handful as well. Dukes favorite "game" right now is
taking something like an item of clothing, bathroom mat, or toilet paper and run around the house and try and get
you to chase him. We have been trying to break him of this "game" and our entire house is puppy proof (nothing
on counter, coffee table, bathroom sink (you should see our tube of toothpaste!)
Duke loves the outside and has been loving this snow. We hope to keep in touch! Good luck with your future
litters! Your dogs make beautiful puppies!
Thank you so much for sending us a Christmas card.
Hannah & Brandt Kingsbury
and Duke (woof!)


Michael and I brought home one of your puppies a year ago October. She was a female black lab that you had
taken back after the original family was not able to keep. I just wanted to update you on her. She is an amazing
dog! You would never know that she is only one year old. She has wonderful manners and she is just the sweetest
thing you have ever seen. We have a four month old daughter and we can leave her on the floor with Maisy and
know she is perfectly safe. Neither of us have ever had such a gentle, sweet (amazingly calm) and loving dog. We
very much hope to get her a brother or sister one day. Thanks so much.

Courtney and Michael Smith

Hi Wendy! It's Hope. Ruger is doing great, he is such an amazing little pup, thank you so much for the opportunity
to bring such a special little guy into our family. He will be starting his puppy training classes soon with Jim Obrien
and already he loves walking on the leash and playing in the water!! He is on the California Naturals Puppy and
loves that, and did awesome for his first bath, and nail clipping. Here are a few pictures so far!!

They are sooooooooo cute! If we didn't already have two, I'd be very tempted!
Gus is doing really well. He's an adolescent and likes to be naughty when he's not getting enough attention, but
he's very lovable! He and Temi are a beautiful pair with very different temperaments. Gus loves to "talk" to us and
makes his wants and needs known through a variety of sounds and movements. They're becoming more
manageable daily and bring us lots of joy and laughter!

Hey Wendi it Joslyn and Bailey!! Bailey has been such a good boy! We just got home from his doctors appt. He
now weighs 24.6 lbs! I can't believe that in just 2 days shy of 4 weeks of being home he has already put on 14 lbs!!
But he is such a good boy and loves all the dogs that live around us, sometime i think he forgets that they are all
way bigger then him still. But we just wanted to let you know how everything was going! We hope all is going well
with all the new pups at home! Take care and we'll talk to you soon!!
~!~Joslyn and Bailey~!~

Hi Wendi! > > Just wanted to give you an update on Tucker! He is doing great! He has > such an awesome
personality. He only gets up once at night to go out to > the bathroom and has only had a couple accidents inside.
So far he knows > sit and come! > > He's also been socializing like crazy! He met a blind cat at the vet and > was
so incredibly gentle with it! On Saturday, we brought him to my > daughter's track meet where he met tons of
people and made a dog friend! > Sunday brought yet another sporting event, and Monday we had people over >
to come and see him. > > He really has been a joy to have - we couldn't have asked for a better > dog. Pictures to
follow! > > Thanks, > Elaine Prescott

Hi Wendi, Here are some pics from Annie's first visit to Steve's to meet her 'cousins', Abby (14 y/o black lab),
Sophie ( 4 y/o black lab) and Leeanne (4 y/o yellow). She had a blast and was asleep before I got the car started
to come home! She has done great today and only had one accident in the house. I boiled chicken livers and am
using them for rewards. She seems to be getting a good handle on 'sit' and 'come' already, but I can see a little
stubborn streak at times - and the chicken livers seem to be a good way to get her over herself. We start puppy
kindergarten on Thursday (did I already tell you that?). Please let Stacia know we are taking good care of her
'Baby Annie'.

Hey Wendi,
It has been a while but just a note to let you know that Isabella (Bell) is doing great!!! She is a great addition to our
family. She is growing so fast. She now weighs 45lbs and is about as tall as Emma. She loves the water!!! If she
can find even the smallest puddle you can guarantee she's in it. Her and Emma have become great friends and
love to play all the time. Emma is so much more active with Bell around (if you can believe that seens how Labs are
active anyway). She now shares the back seat with Emma and loves to ride!! She is just wonderful and I will send
some new pictures soon. I have hundreds of them. We are really having fun with the two of them. I can't wait to see
how she is in the snow. Well gotta go for now but I will e-mail again soon.
Talk to you soon

Hi Wendi! I hope you have had a great summer. It's hard to believe its almost over. Annie is doing great. Growing
like a weed. She loves swimming and chewing her toys to shreds! Steve and I are coming up your way to camp this
weekend and will be bringing 'Little Annie Jane' with us. Two questions: will you be around at all Saturday? If so,
could Annie hang out with the 'big dogs' and her mom if we were to go tubing for a few hours? If you aren't
available, no worries. Hope everyone is well!

Hi Wendy,
We hope all is well with you and your family. We just wanted to send you
some pics of Conway that we took this week. He is getting really big and
everyone who sees him says "he is going to get really big". We just
wanted to thank you for all your help in choosing him and for making it
possible for him to join our family. He is already housebroken and he
knows how to sit and lay down. He is very smart and easy to train. He
loves the water and his pool and to play catch but he doesn't enjoy the
bath tub all that much though he loves to get dried off after a bath. He
loves everyone he meets and all other dogs too. He loves our cat but he
also loves to wrestle with her and now he is four times her size so we
have to watch him because he gets a little to rough sometimes. He is
home with me everyday and he is my shadow. I had the baby last week and
he is trying to figure out what she is and why she is here. He goes up
to her when she is in her swing and he licks her face. We are teaching
him to sit down next to me when I am in the rocking chair with her. He
also loves our 10 year old daughter and my husband. He likes to wrestle
with my husband and my daughter but he always plays gentle with me. He
really likes his crate, he goes in it to rest sometimes and to sleep
with is stuffed pug dog.
Well thank you again for breeding the most wonderful, smart, handsome
puppy ever. We love him immensely.
Take Care,
The Weilbrenner Family

Attached is a recent picture of Dozer. That is John's brother holding him at a cook-out we went too. Dozer is very
smart and we love him very much. He is doing very well. He does like the water. He goes swimming on the nice
days like today. He likes rides in the truck also. His favorite thing to do is get the kitty. He also enjoys playing with
my parents 3 year old yellow lab. He has a new friend recently. Shes also a black lab. She is only a week older
then him. And her name is Daisy. She lives very close by. Just a walk down the street. He goes everywhere with us.
We are taking him camping with us in July. He also likes to sit out on the deck with either one of us. I just wanted to
keep you posted on his progress. Have a wonderful day.

Katie, John and Dozer

Hi, just wanted to give you a couple new pictures of Cosmo. He is doing really good. What a good dog he is. Very
easy to train and is a pretty good listener. He was 27.5 lbs last Saturday at the vet. Hope all is going well with you
and your family. Take care. Kerry

Hi Wendi,  Of course you can use pictures of Cosmo for the website, that is a really good idea.  I do not blame you
for wanted to continue to raise puppies, I would love to do that as well (if we had the room) I was just telling my
Ethan, how crappy it is to have to go to a job we hate everyday.   I wish you luck with the new dogs & if I hear of
anyone that wants a lab I will tell them about you. Everyone loves Cosmo!  He is so well behaved, everyone says
we lucked out with him, couldn't of got a better dog! Send me the link for the website, take care. Kerry

Hi Wendy,  Thought I would show you how big Cosmo is getting. He is a little more than  60lb so far!  We had him
fixed.  Have you seen pictures of any of the other pups?
I see you have more puppies online. I tried to get Ethan to let me get another one, but no luck!  Good luck with this
bunch. Hope all is well. Kerry

Hi Wendi!  Sophie is doing great!  She is such a good girl!  We are crate training her and the first few nights were
kinda tough since she did cry.  Now she goes in her crate with no problems at all.(YEAH!!!).  Our whole family
takes her on at least 2 walks around our block daily and people comment on how cute and well behave she is.  We
are socializing her.  She goes almost everywhere with us.  Here are some recent pics of Sophie...

Hi Wendi,
Here is a picture of Duke Wilson, he is over 40 lbs now.  He is growing at
about 10lbs a month.  He is just the sweetest pup and so very smart.  His
training is coming along great. Your dogs really passed on great genes.
He love's the pond we live on and swims every day!
Thank you so much for a wonderful pup!

Sorry this took so long for a reply.  Work has been crazy and I am not hooked up at home.  The picture is old, back
in August at almost 6 months and 70lbs.  My guess he is about 80lbs now and probably won’t get too much bigger.  
I did want to tell you about his first bird hunting trip this past weekend.  He didn’t know what to do with the first bird
that was shot.  So my husband had him hold it in his mouth then drop it.  The next bird was only wounded and
wings were flopping.  Well, Duke was right on it and thought that was just the best thing, he was quite proud.  On
Saturday, my husband shot a bird out of a tree and it fell down a steep embankment within a few minutes Duke was
up the embankment with the bird in his mouth and sat in front of my husband and when asked to drop the gladly
dropped it.  No puncture wounds at all.  I had to very proud boys, my husband and Duke!
The best story is yesterday, I take him for his morning walk in the woods each day and he flushed out two big
crows and stood waiting.  When he didn’t hear a gun shot looked at me then at the birds then back at me, like,
“hey, I did my job now do yours!”  it was priceless.  

Merry Christmas!
We have had many people ask where we got him because
for a 7th month old pup he is incredible.  Let me know if you plan on breeding your two dogs again as they
produced the most incredible dogs.
I will send more pictures of Duke, when I remember to bring my camera to work!  We have had a lot of friends
wonder if you plan on breeding any more pups?  Duke is such a wonderfully mannered pup and so smart.  Not to
mention just down right gorgeous!
If you do plan on having another little, please drop me a note.

Take care,
Darlene, Woody and Duke (or the Dukester as we call him)

Meet Temi (Artemis) and Gus (Argus).  They are really cute (photos attached) and both slept last night from 8:30
to 6:00 AM, on Gus's first night in his new home.  Temi had to assert her dominance on the first night, and Gus
cried for the first couple of hours, but then settled down and snuggled up to Temi.  Pretty easy, so far!  Now they
snuggle together in the crate and play non-stop when they're out.   We're having a ball!

Hi Wendi,
Gus is still a little love.  He loves to cuddle and he's very affectionate.  He has taken a bit longer to housebreak
than Temi, but I think that's the difference between girls and boys.  Now, he's pretty good about understanding the
difference between grass and green rugs!  It has been great fun to have two of them and they are great company
for each other.  They are either in a constant wrestling match, or sleeping all cuddled up with each other in the
crate.  The first time he found the river, he just walked right in and started swimming, so I think he'll be a water dog!
So, as you can see, we are really enjoying Gus and love him.  I think he'll have a happy life!  If you'd ever like to
stop by and see him, just let us know.  You're welcome any time.


We decided to stick with Jack. It suits him well.  He seems to be adjusting
well. He is a very good dog. He sleeps through the night and he usually lets
you know when he needs to go to the bathroom. He loves to play and has
plenty of room to run around. He has claimed my redsox hat as his own which
is ok as long as it is a redsox hat. We thank you for letting him be part of
our family. I had a question for you too. When did you say he had his last
flea and tick med and heartworm. We wanted to write it down but cant
remember what you had said. I have some pics too.
we will keep you posted with updates
thanks again
chris and becky

Hope all is well,
Jack is doing very well. He loves to play and loves the water. He is a natural. He has his own bed now and sleeps
right through the night without getting into anything. He likes to sleep next to our bed. he is a very smart pup. Hes
growing really fast.
He is about 48 pounds and growing like a weed. Ill keep you updated as he gets older. I attached a couple new
In one he is with his buddy miller that is a lab rotty mix. Miller is about 14 weeks and jack looks like a giant next to
Hope the new pup is going well for you.
Thank you again
Chris & Becky

Hello all - thought we would share some pictures of our new little boy.  He loves to chew - loves his crate - and a
4pm everyday he goes nuts!  He is a car stopper though and Rick loves the attention.

Hi Wendi!

The puppy is great! We named her Maisy and she is such a great puppy!!! Yes, I did call Scott but only to ask
about when to schedule appointments (like spaying), nothing of any concern. We knew you had taken them there
before so I just wanted to touch base with his since he was already familiar with her.
She is so great!! I cannot even tell you how much she has added to our family. She is learning so fast. I have been
meaning to send you pictures but have not had time yet.

Everything is wonderful, thanks for asking!


Hi Wendi,  
     Rugby is doing great.  We just came back from a nice walk in the woods.  Rugby is a very intelligent,
affectionate, willing to please puppy.  I have taken many pictures of him, which, i will send to you in cd soon.  
Rugby's playmate Tucker is quite a bit bigger than him but Rugby holds his own in the almost constant wrestling
matches that they have.  We are all really enjoying them, even my older dog Fatty is starting to warm up to them.  I
want you to know that Rugby does have a forever home, in which, he has made himself very comfortable in.
I enjoy coming home every morning and going for our walks and playing outside.  I have been having difficulties
with my internet service but that's not unusual.  I was unable to get the picture of Rugby's sister to come up, send it
again please.  

Thank you again,
Cheryl Dumas
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