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AKC Labrador Retriever Puppy

A deposit in the amount of $250.00 is required to hold the pet puppy of you choice, until it is ready
to be picked up.

Purchase price of puppy $1
750.00 less Deposit of $250.00  
Cash balance due on puppy at time of pick up $1
Initial _______

Purchase price of puppy includes 1st set of vaccines, 1st veterinarian exam with Fecal exam, NH health
certificate, Nuvet Plus wafers sample, Informational packet, Pro Plan kibble sample.

Puppies receive Nuvet Plus through mother’s milk from birth.
At around day 21 when they start eating mush, they receive Nuvet Plus powder.
From 6 - 8 weeks they switch to Nuvet wafers.
You can order your home supply of Nuvet Plus
Nuvet 1-800-474-7044
Please use order code 91876

Your puppy will be raised on Pro Plan puppy Kibble you should plan to order a week before you bring your puppy
home. I order mine from

You will need to bring your new puppy to see your veterinarian within 72 hours after picking him/her up.
Please be sure to make your appointment in advance.

Full payment of CASH on Day of pickup
Initial _______

A charge of $15.00 per day will be added to cost of puppy, if puppy stays at Stargazers past pick up day.

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Male or Female
Yellow Chocolate Black


Please make checks out to Wendi Shaw
Please mail form and deposit to Wendi Shaw 56 Towle Road Conway, NH 03818
Thank you, Wendi Shaw

Please do not write below, Thank you

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