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JANUARY 07, 2014
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Dogs Live Here

My dogs and I live in this house. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime but we have a few things that you
must understand before you visit:

You must expect a few dog hairs to stick to your clothes. I vacuum and clean on a regular basis, but Dogs live in this
house too.

You may be licked and given a paw a few times but he does this because he loves people and wants to say "Hello", so if
you feel that you are too good for his love then you may not feel welcome here because this is his home too.

My dogs are well mannered and very clean but if you are one of those people who think ALL animals are dirty and
smelly then you and I will probably have difficulty feeling comfortable during your visit.

If you don't like the sound of barking, then my home is not likely to be a pleasant place for you. My dog protects me
by letting me know I have a visitor. Whether it be a friend or uninvited stranger. If you are a friend, my dogs will
consider you his friend too but if you are an unwelcome guest, my dogs will protect me with his life as I would his.

Do not expect me to lock my dogs in another room during your visit. I have trained my dogs well so they will not do
anything to you except maybe want a pat on the head. I will not subject them to feel as if he is being punished by
locking them away for no reason. That would just be cruel.

When you walk in my home, be careful not to trip on a squeaky toy or a bone. These are my dog's little treasures and I
will not take them away from them just to show you that I keep a clean house. They know where all their toys are.
They may not look like much to you, but to them, they are worth more than gold.

You see, This is OUR home. We have been together for a long time. I raised them into  well mannered, beautifully
behaved dogs. I am proud of them.

I consider them my personal gift from God. They have done nothing but give me  endless love and devotion for many
years. I love them dearly and want to make their years happy ones. As happy as they make mine.

When you go home to your family, they stay here with us. Fine and loving companions. They is our family and I
wouldn't change that for the world.

So please understand that I am not being rude. I'm just looking out for my best friends.